The place of the architectural arts in improving the tourist attraction

Abstract :

The need of dwelling is one of the first necessities of human beings. A human being, like any other living creature, communicates with his surroundings. Although he wants to adapt himself to and find familiar soloutions and results, he also shows positive reactions to variety. Contrast and novelty. His searching and inquisitive characteristic invites him to leave his accustomed way of life and move into unknown domains. This call causes him to travel and excavate in far and near regions. The present age is called the Communication age. Tourism Industry can act as a bridge between countries and can bring about this cooperation and communication. Economic prosperity, increase of knowledge, high spirits, closeness of countries and nations, acquaintance with world history, prosperity of cities and towns having tourism potential, beautification of cities and the development of urbanism and architectural substructures, are all positive influence of the Tourism Industry.

From the point of view of culture, geography, climate, history, nature, art, architecture, literature and many other features, our country Iran, has a great potential to attract. So, we must provide it with necessary backgrounds. Higher education as the highest cultural and educational pillar of the land; plays an important role in developing general and specialized knowledge for the people. Architectural and Urban education in universities is also a small part of this enormous knowledge and science, which has a great responsibility to develop the quality and size of Tourism Industry[1].


Key words: Landscape, Architectural form, Urbanisation, Tourism, Architectural, Art.

[1] - Parvaneh Khania. ٢٠٠٧- Esfahan


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