Stlable development in the glasshouse environment canditions in the Esfahan

Abstract :

80 percents of the population of the world are living in the near developmental countries, and the importance of production of nutritious materials for them is considerable. In Iran with the area of 164 million kilometers and more the 70 millions population that will beaded daily, concentralion on more production in the less area with optimum usage of soil and water is considerable and needs more deepthinking.

The agricultural section of ourcountry with 1/4 of non pure production, 1/4 of the country’s occupations, and 1/3 of non petrol exportations, needs an optimul development. Attention to glasshouse cultivations to produce agricultural nutritious productions or to produce productions to be exported. So that have foreign exchanges are suiable ways in the unit of the area(Salim, 1383).

Iran and Esfahan are of those countries which is located in drie’d orsmi- dried areas, that have approached to the less water problem, but sometimes the drought makes it harder. So, the attention to glasshouse cultivate, attracts the Iranian innovator’s attentions from the ancient times, and consideration of stable resources, the most basic stable principals of agriculture and learning to civil organizations have been observed in the center of agricultural and gardening prductions, so that the technology of innovation of the subterranean canal or collecting the fertilizers from pigeon- house, the water distribution of zayaideh river in the shaykh Bahaie scroll and …, are the parts of the these developmental observations.

Key word: productivity- glasshuose cultivative- development


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