The opportunities and challenges to development the tourism in the Iranian villa

The statistics of the our country's villages without any residents apparently shows that in last three decades the evacuation process of the villages has been increased; and this shows that the responsible organizations to development of the villages could not obtain their main goal to prevent the immethodical migration of the peasants to the cities. The gap and distinction between city and village has been so deep in the last years it is anecdote the current indicators of this high distance between these two.

In addition, our physical and incorrect look to the development of villages and rubbing off their privations have increased the problems of the villages; and all these factors have caused poverty for the extensive groups of peasants, these kind of poverties and presence of the inaudibility in the trend of development of the villages require the vital reconsideration of the concepts, views, and experiences in the development of villages, so that we be able to construct the suitable, comprehensive patterns compatible with all national conditions to invent a polices applied ways to lay the foundation of development of the villages. One of suitable patterns in the development of the villages is the attention to eco-tourism and agro-tourism in the rustic tourism that not only able us to programming in accordance with the natural possibilities but human's attractions.

Key words:national development, village development, village, village developmental view.


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