The Globalization process of the challenges and opportunities in the electronic

Abstract :

In the late half century, the tourism has become one of the most important contemporary human's phenomena. A phenomenon, that had the excellence clues of the past human communities and had the reciprocal interactive with the geographical scenes.

However, the tourism has profound stem in the human's history but in the modern form with the modern influences, it is a new phenomenon that is in the result of the shiny industrialization of the human societies. Applying the new technology and ICT in the bi-dimensional offer and demand of the tourism in addition to offering the tourist's needed services, has provided the trading conspectus and the prospective aims of the tourism. The number of people that have used the web sites to plan their tourism were 3.1 millions persons in 1996, 33.8 millions persons in 1998, and 148.5 millions persons in 2003 and it has forecasted that they will be 45 percent the 2015 (Papoly Yazol, Sghaii,1385,p 22).

Now, why Iran has a very small part of this tourism? But the investigation of the its challenges is out of the scopes of our study, however one of the most important aspects that can help in the development of our country tourism is to updating the activities, organizations, and the governmental and non-governmental institutions that are related to tourism, and using the informational and modern technologies would be an important remedy to overcome this problem in the tourism industry.

Emergence of the new methods of informing with the communicating systems in accordance with electronic equipment, have changed the way of thought about this concept, and has arouse the same change in the form of society and vital area.

Key words: Internet- Electronic ticketing- aggregated tourism – Information technology- Globalization – Electronic tourism.


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