The tourism opportunites and abnormatilies in Iran in development to thousandth
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During the last four decodes the tourism and traveling in the world has became one of the basic factors in social and economical development in many regions, and in accordance with the WTO (world touristorganization) studies, during the two next decades. The industry of tourism will continue its development and will be the greatest industry in the world (however, todays it has third place after petroleum and automobile industries). the world wide tourism organization anticipated that in 2010. Morethan one million international fligts will be performed with the tourism aims. That this amount of flight will reached 1.6 millions in 2020. The development of tourism industry until 2010 will be 3.4 to 6.7 (That among all these. The eco-tourism will have the higest percentages of development).

In the year 2003 in the world, 700 millions people had traveled as tourist, and its income had been appoximatly 514 milliard dollars (It was about 1.3 millions people with foreign exchange income equit to 967 millions o dollar in Iran). The rate of tourism development in the next years will be 4.1%. in accordance with the anticipation of worldwide tourism will be equired in 2020. About 8% of it (directly on indirectly) is occupational portion in the tourism industry (But in the world it is 11%). In 2010, this portion will be 3.1 directly and 3.3 indirectly. Now, Iran has 0.01% foreign tourist (after 20 years we will reach a two digits of parcentoges with 25 milliards of dollars).

But in 1382 we encountered 12.0 percentages decrease in tourism industry by comparing with 1381. However the tourism is a bridge between people and culture it will help to promote peace ond international respect. We should have a plan to attract the tourism. Its necessity is knowing. Its opportunities and abnotmatilies. That this industry encountered. In accordance with the anticipations, the number of tourists must reach 1.5 milliard people until 2020 and in Iran has been anticipated that this number be 20 millions people in 1404. In this essay we have used 14 library resources with new data (books, newspapers, sites of internet)


Keywords: ecotourism, stable development, geography of tourist, tourism.


Development country tourism, access to peace in thousands development (Scientifi
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The announcement and Purposes of third thousands development. That by organization member countries at united nations. In the meeting of millenary staffs in Sem 2000, was and aspect in scheme at eighth program.

The development goal is an examination for political control and in the aim of establising the deeper and the more extending cooperation these goals were an a means accelerate the development tune to present the measuring and scaling of the conclusions to the inhabitant of the world.

By creation the world wide cooperation the overtake the development, that is one of the millenary at development, the wed they countries are responsible to provide equal access to (trademark) markets and technology and creating asutable environment and financial conditions. The impregress countries are responsible to preform the political reforms to freedom their population and strengthen the government.

But this work isn’t posibel for there because they have a lot of debt and also in there is involvement and political tension a lot.

One of the way for compensation and acqire income resource for this shape country use of there attractives and natural prospects or views, cultural and historical is for tourism attract that eventually peace will perform between cauntries.

Aim of this research that is in chapter with titles on totals applications geography, touristy. Tourist in Iran Ecotourism prospects of future by summing up and suggestions presentation, and that problems examination on Iran country that is one of country with high power.

For provides this article used of 10 persian document resource and Latin historical.

Main words: tourism, Ecotourism , tourist geography,  stable development.

Attractions in Isfahan
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